BAB-680 Thermal Heat-Sink Paste (50mL)

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Cooling Device:Thermal Compound Package
Package Type:Plain Dimensions us | metric
Depth:43.8 mm
Height:45.2 mm
Width:43.8 mm
Product Weight:61 gFastTech
DATE LISTED:3/19/2013Details:Thermal coefficient: 0.9W/MK, quickly transfer the heat and reduce the heat effectively
Non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, with easy recognizable color
Dry out more slowly and works much longer
Working temperature: -50℃~+230℃
Proportion: ASTMD194 2.23
Thermal conductivity of MIL-1-49456A 0.9w/mk
Thermal Resistance:MIL-1-49456A 500
Volume resistance:ASTMD257 1.8 * 10-13
Temperature ASTMD257 -50 ℃ to 230 ℃
This product is poly silicon-oxygen and organic silicone and abdominal special process oxidant system
Into the paste, BAB-680 silicon content is 25%

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